Frequently Asked Questions

What are the storage access hours?
We offer 24-hour access to our storage units.

How do I rent a unit?
Renting a storage unit has never been easier or more convenient – you can rent a unit, sign your lease, and pay your bill all through our website. Or, if you’d prefer to take a look at a unit to make sure it will fit your storage needs you can set up an appointment with our facility manager. Please give us a call or send us an email if you’d like to schedule a site visit.

Are storage units rented month-to-month?
Yes, we rent our storage units on a month-to-month basis to give you the flexibility to rent for whatever amount of time makes sense for you.

Will my first month’s rent be prorated?
If your lease starts on or before the 15 th of the month, your rent will be prorated through the end of the month. If your lease starts after the 15 th of the month, the first month’s rent will be prorated plus the entire next month will be due at beginning of rental term.

When is my rent due?
Rent is due on the first of each month.

Is a security deposit required when renting a storage space?
Yes, a security deposit equal to one month’s rent is due when signing a lease.

How do I pay my storage bill?
You can either pay on our website (, over the phone (712-847-2805), at the facility drop box, or through the mail. We accept checks and money orders on site. You may also sign up to have the payment automatically deducted from your credit card/savings/checking account each month.

Do I need to bring my own storage lock?
We provide the lock and key to your unit. Upon signing your lease and making your initial payment, you’ll receive a 4-digit padlock code to your unit. Inside the unit will be the lock and key to remain on your unit during your tenancy and the 4-digit padlock will be returned to the office drop box.

Do I need tenant storage insurance?
We do not require customers to purchase insurance for their storage units. However, we highly recommend purchasing insurance to ensure your belongings are protected against theft or damage.

What items am I not allowed to store?
Liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials, and perishables. Please contact us if you have any questions about a specific item.

What if I’m late in making my payment?
A $10 late fee is added if your payment is not received by the 3 rd of the month. Your unit will be overlocked and remain overlocked until your account balance is paid. We recommend enrolling in autopay to eliminate the risk of late fees.

How do I move out?
We ask for a 14-day notice via email or phone call before your move-out date. When you are ready to move-out, ensure that your unit is clean, and all belongings have been cleared out to avoid any cleaning fees. Return your lock and key to the grey drop box located at the entrance to the facility.

What if my storage space size needs change?
If you are an active customer and your storage space size needs change, you can request a transfer to a larger or smaller unit at any time. With no long-term contracts and monthly billing, you’re not locked into a unit.

What security features do you provide?
We have 24-hour surveillance through our security cameras to monitor all facility units as well as exterior lighting to keep aisles well-lit throughout the night.