About Us

Convenient storage is what attracts customers to Select Self-Storage. Convenience comes in many forms, starting with our easy-to-access facility that is just a short drive from the main artery through Fairfield, Iowa, US Highway 34. Whether you live in Fairfield or the surrounding cities in Jefferson County, we offer the convenience of storing your possessions a short drive from wherever you live.

Month-to Month Leases

We know that not every one of our customers needs a rental storage unit for several years. In fact, some of our customers require a unit for just a month or two while they make the transition into the next phase of their lives. Maybe you are waiting to close on a home in Fairfield, and you need a space to keep some of your clothes for just one month. College students love our convenient short-term leases to keep their stuff from the middle of May until the end of August.

Contact-less Move In

You can pick a unit size, sign an e-lease, make your payment, and move-in at your own convenience with our contact-less move-in system. Start to finish, we can have your unit ready for you in minutes.

Convenient Hours

We understand that not every one of our customers has the time to move in their things between 9 am and 5 pm. This is why we offer convenient around-the-clock hours of operation. You can drop off some of your personal items at 10 pm and then return before sunrise the next morning with a second load.